My Virtual Assistant

I use a virtual assistant named Kenna.

She isn’t really real. That’s because she’s “virtual”, which in this case means “imaginary” instead of “outsourced to technology”.

I can’t afford a real assistant (nor could I provide enough work for one) and I don’t have a fancy-wancy digital assistant like Siri, or Cortana, or Galaxy, or even Google.

That’s why I got a Virtual Assistant. She’s great.

This started when I picked up a used copy of the book The Devil Wears Prada, an older New York Times bestseller about the dystopian life of a fashion magazine editor’s assistant. I’m not reading it right now. In fact, I won’t be reading it for quite a while. The stack of books that I already want to read is just too darn big.

(Sidenote, this is how you can tell if a reader is happy: when they complain about how far behind they are in reading.)

Anyway, in the first few pages in the front of the book (I mean, really, who doesn’t give the first pages of any book a quick scan?) I was reawakened to my fantasy of having my own personal assistant.

It’s never going to happen, I know. But wouldn’t it be cool if I had a lowly hireling that I could boss around?

Anyway, Kenna shows up around nine in the morning, unless she’s late. I give her a few minutes grace period, because I know how hard it must be to be a young career woman just out of college, but I make it clear that I don’t want it to become a regular occurrence.

First we take care of my correspondence, emails, bills, the bags of fanmail, etc. There’s always the annoying interview offer and a daily letter from Stephen King begging for writing tips. Pathetic.

When we have that squared away, we get down to the actual work.

She deciphers whatever notes I wrote on receipts or post its the night before, and we refine what to do with these ideas.

I don’t just want to inform you of what may be a creepy habit. But I’ve noticed that believing I have an assistant helps me to visualize what I need to get done so that I can be productive. It gives me a clearer vision of how to achieve my goals.

It helps me out. Why don’t you give it a try? -BW


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