Stop, in the Name of Whatever

Recently I saw an ad for an unusual video game. Most video games based on first person combat are monotonous point and shoot games, but this game had the promise to be a completely different experience. It features the normal qualities of a first person shooter: a collection of deadly weapons and hordes of enemies […]

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Magic and Science

History is a wildly interesting subject to me. Personally, I am fascinated by subjectivity and perception, so an interest in History is a natch. History is constantly warped by viewing it through the subjective lens of the present. An example: C.S. Lewis pointed out that the popular conception of Science and Witchcraft in history has […]

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Pure Hatred

I’m so sorry that I missed my update date, but I was busy dancing my head off at a great friend’s wedding.  BTW, I seriously hate these hand dryers. Doesn’t everyone? -BW

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Perception Boost

Amateur writers often make the mistake of creating characters that are both hyperintelligent and omniscient. I don’t mean that most stories are peopled with demigods and metahumans, but that the characters of stories regularly have a greater ability to observe and learn from their surroundings and the events that they take part in. In games […]

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Does a Story Need More?

A student of writing must by necessity also become a student of history. Writing has existed on this planet for so long that it is a sign of enormous hubris (not to mention stupidity) to think that all a person needs to write a good book is a ream of paper and an idea. A […]

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