How to Keep Your Writing from Eating Itself

If our lives are filled with nothing but writing, then our art suffers a sad case of cannibalism. Your writing needs to be fed events and thoughts emerging organically from your life. If your writing has nothing to feed upon but your own writing, then it is inbred and has turned back upon itself.


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5 Reasons to Write

1: You need to get used to disappointment in life. Writing helps you with that. This is not to say that you won’t have fun writing, but it’s inevitable that you will only have fun after long stretches of disappointment. Writing teaches you to find fun and enjoyment after disappointment. 2: Have you ever watched […]

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My Virtual Assistant

I use a virtual assistant named Kenna. She isn’t really real. That’s because she’s “virtual”, which in this case means “imaginary” instead of “outsourced to technology”. I can’t afford a real assistant (nor could I provide enough work for one) and I don’t have a fancy-wancy digital assistant like Siri, or Cortana, or Galaxy, or […]

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Gladiator Duel

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very proud to announce that from this day forward, my cartoons will also be published on, a webcomics site with hundreds of absolutely fantastic comic series. Please visit me on Webtoon and shower me with likes and shares! Thanks so much for your readership over the years. Take care! […]

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