This is the kind of person i am. I like to read books that are important or smart, but I don’t read a lot of them. One once in a while. Then I think I’m smart, or at least smarter than the average suck. (Considering I don’t eat bread given to me by strangers in […]

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There are so few things in life as deeply immobilizing as a Male Daydream (TM) Thanks for reading, folks! I’m back, baby! -BW

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Do You Know What Day It Is?

What day is it? It’s a simple enough question at first glance, but the second you actually look into the history of it, you realize just how hard the answer can really be. The present dates on our calendar were carefully calculated by studious monks in quiet monasteries, all through the Dark Ages and up […]

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So, it is inevitable that an internet person must fall behind. Especially if said person celebrates Christmas.

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