My 21 Reasons to be Thankful

This is a post about the holiday of Thanksgiving. Yes, I realize that in hindsight, I should have made this post at least a week earlier than now, but as every year, the holidays have caught me by surprise. This, actually, should not be unexpected. Thanksgiving is a sneaky holiday. You can never be exactly […]

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Life is Not Meaningless

Life is not meaningless. CS Lewis once wrote a thought provoking short story about a man who had been blind all his life, until he receives a miraculous surgery which gives him his sight for the first time. However -although the man can see- he has no conception of what light is. The story fascinates […]

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Perception Alters Reality

DISCLAIMER To cover my butt, I want to first apologize to the entire journalism profession.  I -quite obviously- am not a journalist with years of experience and education. I’m just a nerdy blogger. All of you are more intelligent -and better writers- than I. These are only a few thoughts turning around in my head […]

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Positivity and Autumn

Someone once said that internet culture in its present state has been directly influenced by a single source: the music video ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black. The video stimulates a sort of revulsion and disgust in viewers, somehow this translating into the video becoming rabidly popular. We then realized that it is sometimes more fun to […]

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I am not responsible for any of my decisions made while in a bookstore. -BW  

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