Getting From Points A to B

Hello, friends! I’m so glad that you’re back here again, to see what manner of foolishness I have come up with this time. Lol. I know it is terribly bad form to apologize for a piece of writing before it is even read, but I do wish to say that I regret if the post […]

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Hello, you great wonderful people. I realize that this is possibly my latest post of all time, but in my defense, I had a lot to do today. The lateness of the hour aside, I have decided to break my pattern and tell you a true story of my own life. Enjoy! -BW The subtitle […]

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Still Thirsty

Thanks again folks for enduring through my silly cartoons. I really enjoy making them for you, although I suppose I would make them whether you came to read them or not. If you desire more ridiculous graphic installments of silliness, come again on Saturday. If the written word is more of your forte, I’ll be […]

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Really Thirsty

I am fascinated by the concept of Wormholes in the timespace continuum, and also by Peach soda. This is perfect fodder for a cartoon. Unfortunately, I cannot buy Peach soda within 300 miles of my hometown. I’ve checked. There have been many times I wish I could do this. -BW    

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Unnecessary Words

I use too many words. It’s a bad habit that I’ve picked up along the way of being a writer; the unstated need to fill such and such pages for a work to be worthwhile. Although the short story is an American phenomenon, I still lose sight of the truth that something good and valuable […]

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Ah, Cartoon Saturday is here again. This week, I wish to share with you my hatred of haircuts, and my love of wordplay. -BW Come back next week for more cartoons!

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