Episode Three: Quin Returns

A familiar cab parked in front of a familiar hotel, the Bristol. The cabbie exited his driver seat, and popped open the trunk to release his fare. “Hey, is this your stop, Mac?” the cabbie asked. The lump in the trunk sat up and took a hasty squinting look around him. “Yes, this absolutely looks […]

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An Announcement

There are changes in the works for themadhairman blog! These changes include: Shorter chapters! These will be easier to read! Double the posts a week! These will encourage you check back more often to see what’s new in Quin’s life! There may even be pictures in the future! (But don’t count on it!) I don’t […]

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Episode Two: Quin Answers the Phone

Two men stood in an office, brooding over the dark consequences of economic collapse, and the loss of a tuna sandwich for lunch, respectively. The habits and features of the two men were nearly identical, making it hard to distinguish one from the other. The men were both bald, middle-aged, and thick around the waist. […]

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