How Puns Can Save a Language

The early scientists were nothing more than alchemists, mixing bottles of fluids together randomly hoping to acquire the desired effect. While they were rarely successful, they often created something a bit useful. (For instance: Modern Science.) The idea of alchemy, the constant play of substances paired and mixed with each other, the eternal experimentation, has […]

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Money is No Object

“Son, believe me when I tell you: if money will solve your problems, then you don’t have problems.” That is something my Dad (smart as a whip and almost as tall) told me a long time ago, when I thought money was only good for buying ice cream. (Now I know it will buy peach […]

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Shut Up and Do It Already

Like every artistic person since 1980, I love Bob Ross. Mellow chill, beautiful paintings, and a great afro. What’s not to love? I first watched Bob Ross’s The Joy of Painting when a deadline put my back up against a wall and I had to get good at art within the week. Yeah, it didn’t […]

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Guest Blog: Rabbits and Foxes

Hello peoples! Today I thought I should introduce you to the genius writing of my good friend “Mark”. He is a really good sport, allowing me to base unflattering characters on his appearance, and serving as the inspiration for both Tannenbaum and the other guy in my cartoons. Yes, he’s the negative dark haired fellow. […]

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