Writer’s Blocked

Author’s Note: I don’t actually have Writer’s Block. When I get it, you’ll be the first to know. Thanks for reading, folks, and thank you so much for your support. I love you all. -BW

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Chesterton and Oblivion

Someone once said that all writing is an attempt to achieve immortality. The authenticity of this statement is up for debate. However, if it is true, then there are a hundred thousand sad tales of authors hoping to gain entrance to the pearly gates only to be denied. Writers are born every year and have […]

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Hospitality and a Hobo

The worst crime of age is not that it makes people no longer young, but it causes them to idealize when they were younger, with no regard to the actual state of their happiness at the time. To look back on my high school years is painful, because I am deliriously aware of what a […]

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A Productive Day

Really, sleep is the most healthy thing you can do. Get enough sleep! What’s ironic is that I drew this at three in the morning. But I want better for you! Get enough sleep! -BW

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Worth the Wait

I suppose that in life, we are given free reign to pick what our fault will be. What I mean by this, is that nobody is perfect. If you didn’t know that already, I’m sorry to have ruined it for you. No one, not even your mother, is nice to everyone all the time. We […]

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