“Not Quite Coward Enough”

I love a great moment. I am easily buried beneath a rush of emotions when driving into the sunset, when I taste a new meal for the first time, or when the wind dies down far enough to hear the evening cry of a whipperwill. That’s why a good writer can effect me so well. […]

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I Wish I Were Offline

This may not exactly be popular or funny or thoughtful, but I don’t exactly like the internet. I love the ability to instantly order anything my heart could possibly desire. I love that I can communicate with my friends at the touch of a button. I love having a convenient place where I can access […]

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I Can’t Touch It

In my top drawer, tucked between my friction proof underwear and a sea of black socks is a wad of bills the size of my fist. They’re all singles. The net worth of the entire roll is probably less than twenty bucks. I love $1 bills. My family thinks I’m a freak., I intentionally break […]

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