A Sign of a Wasted Life

Sometimes in my work, people welcome me into their house. Without fail, they immediately apologize for the perceived uncleanliness of their home. Whenever this comes up (which is quite often) I share my motto with them: “A clean house is a sign of a wasted life.” I mean it as an objective truth, not as […]

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When Not to be the Hero

By necessity, a writer must always keep an active imagination. It is after all (for the professional) his livelihood and (for the amateur) his means of personal satisfaction. A writer is naturally a creative person. After all, dragons, aliens, and ogres are not commonplace participants in everyday life. (Unless you commute on the subway, of […]

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A Good Invasion

Life is rough. When viewed objectively, it is a collection of unfunny events and circumstances routinely mixed together in a blender, causing the infinite combination of events and circumstances that happen to us every day. You wake up every morning to a squawking alarm clock, rush to an okay job to hang out with people […]

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Humor Needs No Additive

Last week I tried to explain that when writing suspense, it is important to periodically “leaven” your story with elements of humor. Otherwise, the reader may become overwhelmed and begin to look at your story with humorous eyes. However, if you prepare your humor in advance, you can circumvent this entire scenario. As the Bible […]

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