Episode Thirty Three: Dreidel

Greetings Peasants! Lol, actually, I know that if you have made it here to my blog, then you are a highly intelligent human being with superior taste. Or you’re a hyperspace alien with superior intellect hijacking Earth internet signals to conquer to planet. In that case, I recommend you stay out of Illinois. We will […]

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Episode Thirty One: Again?

I hope that you have noticed a difference in the past couple of updates. I recently reread through some overworked writing quotes that I keep around when I found a small tidbit by an author that I had forgotten about. I’ll paraphrase his words; he said: “It is no use writing for a crowd of […]

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Episode Thirty: Peekaboo

Have you heard of the butcher who accidentally backed into his meat grinder? Yeah, he got a little behind in his work. That joke has made me groan with the pain of my soul ever since the first time my grandpa told me that joke. I am afraid that it makes me groan today for […]

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Episode Twenty Six: Favors

I never thought I would be bested by a pair of shoes. As I made the drawings for this week, I thought that nothing could withstand the reality inducing tones of my pencil. I thought I could draw anything, but I was wrong. I can’t draw shoes. You know, I thought that if I had […]

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