Episode Forty Six:

Hello Friends, and once again welcome to the Holiday season! This is a great time of the year, although a little hectic, precisely because it’s the greatest time of the year. As you might imagine, I’m already running ragged, in between the usual frolic of the season, writing for the blog, making videos, drawing cartoons, […]

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Episode Forty Four: No Escape

Hello Friends! I’m so glad that you’re back again. This blog is such a good thing for me, and I hope you enjoy it too. It’s a great gift and honor for me to create something fit for the enjoyment of another person. If you’re reading this, I am so thankful for you. Thanks for […]

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Feature: Interview

Dear persistent readers. I was lucky enough to participate in an email interview recently. I don’t want to reveal the name of the interviewer, since he hasn’t posted it to his own website yet, but he has given me permission to reprint a copy of the interview transcript here on my blog, themadhairman! We talked […]

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