Episode Forty: At Home

It’s that time again! The time of the week for me to complain of short writing schedules, overreaching obligations of ‘work’ and ‘learning’. Boy, let me tell you, if the world would just leave me alone and let me write, I think I’d be alright. And if Doctor Who would just let me live my life in peace and quit interrupting my writing process with their fantastic episodes, that’d be nice too.

Haha! I kid, I kid.

More or less seriously though, I am running behind in my writing schedule, so please bear with me. I am trying to improve the blog on many fronts: Improved Writing, Better Artistic Skills, and Additional Features, but as you can easily imagine, I am running behind on all of them. Keep with me though, folks. We’re going to have a lot of fun around here. -BW

At the San Francisco airport, Quin walked towards the cab stand, only for Tannenbaum to drag his arm in the direction of the parking lot. Tannenbaum was under the influence of a short temper. His flight with Quin had been a long and taxing one, although the trip from Mobile to San Francisco was only close to three hours. However, three hours with a boy as excitable as a kitten is a long and taxing three hours. For the moment. He couldn’t think of anything better than to deposit Quin in the guest room of his house, occupy him somehow, and retreat to the quiet peaceful solitude of his study.


He didn’t really believe that his fairy tale would come true any more than you or I believe it, but for the moment, let’s patronize the poor man.

Wearily, he guided Quin to a sliver Mercedes convertible and put him in the passenger seat. His only luggage was a single traveling bag, and Quin’s ever present messenger bag fit anywhere. With the twist of a key, the convertible lurched into movement, taking them on a winding path through the snaking streets of San Francisco.

Funny city, San Francisco.” Quin said. “The roads seem to cover as much ground going up and down as much as they go laterally.”

Be sure and don’t say anything derogatory about the streets.” Tannenbaum warned. “The denizens of this city are very proud of their public roadways.”

Is that a threat?” Quin asked.

Nope. Just a warning.”

In time, the car slowed to a stop and parked in front of a tall brown brick townhouse. Tannenbaum breathed a small sigh of relief. They had arrived.

He picked up his bag and went inside through the front door, without so much as telling Quin to do the same. Thankfully, unlike the rest of his life which had turned upside down, his house was the same as when he had left it. The walls were still a light beige, his furniture a peaceful light gray, and his pistol grip shotgun was still concealed in the umbrella stand. Perfect.


There’s one thing I wonder.” Quin said. “When I met you, you were riding a cab to a hotel.”

Yes, so?”

Well, it just bothers me why you would pay for a cab and rent a hotel room when you have your own car and house in the same city.”

That was a rare circumstance when I desperately needed sleep.” Tannenbaum declared. “Much like now.”

Don’t mind me.” Quin said. “Just go take a nap. I’ll make myself at home. You’ll never know I was here.”

Quin,” Tannenbaum chastened, “we both know that is an outright lie.”

Yeah, I know, but I thought I should at least say it.”

Tannenbaum turned to go and spoke a few parting words to Quin.

I don’t care what you do, just don’t bother me as I rest.”

Quin smiled darkly, knowing that once again, Tannenbaum had left him far too much leeway. He would pay the price dearly for his mistake.

Thanks for reading! Come back on Tuesday for our Halloween Special!

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