Traveling by Road

America prides itself in being a nation of individuals. Individual people, individual ideals, and individual rights. One of the concepts that primarily American to my understanding, is the idea of a roadtrip. We Americans probably love cars more than any other nation, and more than that, we love our cars, which is an entirely different […]

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How to Care for a Bookstore

All the bookstores I’ve loved are gone. I live in a small town surrounded by small towns. The businesses that survive are stores that sell what you need to survive as an animal organism. Bookstores don’t last long. Garage sales and secondhand stores are the only way to locally buy books. Thank heaven for the […]

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Underestimate Me, Please

Chess is an unusual game. Supposed as the most thorough test of a person’s mind and logical skills, people play chess with few pieces, fewer actions, and a board. Really, chess tests not whether a person has a logical mind, but only whether a person is trained to play chess. Yes, it requires a logical […]

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Hospitality and a Hobo

The worst crime of age is not that it makes people no longer young, but it causes them to idealize when they were younger, with no regard to the actual state of their happiness at the time. To look back on my high school years is painful, because I am deliriously aware of what a […]

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Worth the Wait

I suppose that in life, we are given free reign to pick what our fault will be. What I mean by this, is that nobody is perfect. If you didn’t know that already, I’m sorry to have ruined it for you. No one, not even your mother, is nice to everyone all the time. We […]

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Getting From Points A to B

Hello, friends! I’m so glad that you’re back here again, to see what manner of foolishness I have come up with this time. Lol. I know it is terribly bad form to apologize for a piece of writing before it is even read, but I do wish to say that I regret if the post […]

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Hello, you great wonderful people. I realize that this is possibly my latest post of all time, but in my defense, I had a lot to do today. The lateness of the hour aside, I have decided to break my pattern and tell you a true story of my own life. Enjoy! -BW The subtitle […]

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Tell Me A Story

Words are shot at us like bullets all day long. “Good morning.” “Glad to see you.” “Where’s that spreadsheet?” “Would you like coffee?” Some things that we are told are nothing but a crock. Lies, is another word. “The check is in the mail.” “I love your hair.” “I think you’ve you lost weight.” But […]

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Cartoons Every Saturday!

What a time for my pen to spatter than when I respond intellectually to my critics. 😡 Anyway, without further ado:   Thanks for putting up with me, folks. I hope you like my new schedule: Written Matter on Tuesdays, and Visual Arts on Saturdays. Thanks so much for reading! -BW

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