Episode Twenty Nine: Quin Arranges a Meet

As I work harder on this blog, I have found just how much harder it is, and also, what sort of things I am incapable of drawing. For instance, gears. I wanted to show a mechanical representation of Tannenbaum’s methodical mind. Instead, the cartoon looks like a forehead tattoo. Well, I suppose that’s cool too.

Check back again folks! Thanks for reading! -BW


It sounded unbelievable. Tannenbaum had tracked the man known as Warren Lennard for several days. To not find a man in a matter of days is unthinkable to Tannenbaum. That’s far too much time to dedicate to a single man. He doesn’t spend days to find people; he discovers them almost immediately. There were few subjects that T. Radcliffe Tannenbaum would allow to occupy his time as long as a week. Finding the man named Lennard was one such project. How could Quin walk straight up to a man that Tannenbaum couldn’t find, even when he utilized the full capacity of his abilities.


Simple.” Quin said. “Warren gave me his phone number. Where do you want to meet?”

Tannenbaum stared at Quin in disbelief. Who was this young man?

Set up a meeting between the two of us.” Tannenbaum said. “I’ll meet him at a public restaurant of his own choosing.”

Cool.” Quin said. “Can I come?”

No.” Tannenbaum said.

Why not?”

Excuse me.” Sheriff Cook said as he finally caught his breath. “I don’t seem to understand what is happening.”

Tannenbaum disregarded Cook, speaking directly to Quin.

Quin, you will not understand this, but the man you know as Warren Lennard is a dangerous man. I have been tracking him for -what is to me- a long time. When I finally meet this man, I do not intend to have you around. You are a rogue element that I will not allow into my equations. I must meet Lennard, and I must meet him alone.”

But I want to come.” Quin said.


Quin accepted defeat. Or did he?

Okay. Don’t let Warren choose the place where you meet, though.” Quin confided. “He likes Indian food, and the curry mixes bad with my stomach.”

But you won’t be there, Quin.” Tannenbaum reminded.

I know.” Quin fished in his pocket for a moment. He came up with a small gum wrapper with a phone number scrawled on it. “I’m counting on you changing your mind, though.”

I don’t change my mind.” Tannenbaum said with finality.

Quin shrugged.

I’ll call Warren. Can I borrow your phone?”

Sheriff Cook loaned him his phone and Quin made the call. Tannenbaum listened intently, trying to divine the personality and quirks of Lennard from the back half of Quin’s one sided conversation. He didn’t learn much.


I scheduled you to meet in a place that I know of.” Quin said, after he had hung up.

Good.” said Tannenbaum.

It’s in Alabama.” Quin said sheepishly.

Why did you schedule a meet in Alabama?” Sheriff Cook asked. Quin gave him his phone back.

I didn’t.” he said. “Warren wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s in Alabama now, which was quick, and he can’t get away. He said it’s set in stone or something. So, Alabama. Will that be a problem?”

No.” Tannenbaum said. “I’ll meet him anywhere, anytime.” He checked his watch. “Well, Quin, this has been enlightening, but as always, I am glad to leave you now. Now, goodbye, Quin. I look forward to never seeing you again. Our paths will never cross again.” And Tannenbaum left.

Quin chuckled and watched him leave.

Fool.” Quin said. “You have no idea what is in store for you.”

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