Positivity and Autumn

Someone once said that internet culture in its present state has been directly influenced by a single source: the music video ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black.

The video stimulates a sort of revulsion and disgust in viewers, somehow this translating into the video becoming rabidly popular.

We then realized that it is sometimes more fun to dislike something than to like it.

Nearly every form of entertainment on the net reflects this property.

Cartoons complain of the everything under the sun, from adult responsibilities to the shape of Chinese wontons. YouTube videos pick apart popular movies at the seams like a murder of bloodthirsty crows. Even the most trusted movie review site is called Rotten Tomatoes.

Don’t judge me. A group of crows is called a murder. Google it.

Blogs are not exempt from this phenomenon.

Stick your thumb into any blog site onto any blog by any blogger. I dare you to find a single one that doesn’t indulge in a lengthy diatribe about politics, popular culture, moral decay, or the fact that the internet is a negative place.

That’s me, sorry.

I want to be a voice of optimism and positivity, but sometimes I lose sight of that and fall into a rut of complaining about whatever. I rarely talk about thing that are good, or things that I just definitely like.

I want to change that today.

I want to talk to you about how much I like Fall.

To everyone who just groaned, I really don’t blame you. Now would be a good time to check your emails.

I know that loving Fall is in this age as original as breathing oxygen. If I see one more girl posing for a selfie with autumn trees in the background, I may puke.

Who doesn’t love fall? The trees change colors (which is pretty cool), the weather becomes colder, forcing us to wear sweaters (there’s a plus right there), and there are less insects (death to the little creatures!).

I love fall for all these reasons, and it’s a season that means much to me for other less tangible reasons too.

Mostly one in particular.

Towards evening, every day, I put on my favorite wool coat and go outside.

I live in the middle of a cornfield, and when the farmers harvest the crops, I have an unobscured view of the sunset. I walk outside and wait, watching the day slowly die in the West.

The air grows colder, prompting me to shrug my shoulders and button my coat closer to me. About this time the air becomes completely still, unmoved by the slightest breeze, and leaves me in a world of silence broken only by the faint rustle of leaves beneath my feet.

The stars shine bright and clear as darkness fills the sky and the moon -swollen to many times its natural size- shine down on my face.

In these moments, in the twilight of the day, I feel that the world is at peace with itself.

Autumn has always been a symbol of age and decay, possibly the two forces we fear most in our temporal world, but Autumn is not a season of fear or dread. The Universe is not afraid of what’s to come.

As night falls, the world has peace, comfort, and contentment in its arms, and as I watch the day fade away, at this time when God speaks to me, I have those feelings too.

It’s about the best feeling in the world.

I’m positive.

Thanks for reading, folks! I love you all. Really, I love Autumn, but I guess I can like you guys too. -BW

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