Do You Know What Day It Is?

What day is it? It’s a simple enough question at first glance, but the second you actually look into the history of it, you realize just how hard the answer can really be. The present dates on our calendar were carefully calculated by studious monks in quiet monasteries, all through the Dark Ages and up […]

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Underestimate Me, Please

Chess is an unusual game. Supposed as the most thorough test of a person’s mind and logical skills, people play chess with few pieces, fewer actions, and a board. Really, chess tests not whether a person has a logical mind, but only whether a person is trained to play chess. Yes, it requires a logical […]

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Getting From Points A to B

Hello, friends! I’m so glad that you’re back here again, to see what manner of foolishness I have come up with this time. Lol. I know it is terribly bad form to apologize for a piece of writing before it is even read, but I do wish to say that I regret if the post […]

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