How to Keep Your Writing from Eating Itself

If our lives are filled with nothing but writing, then our art suffers a sad case of cannibalism. Your writing needs to be fed events and thoughts emerging organically from your life. If your writing has nothing to feed upon but your own writing, then it is inbred and has turned back upon itself.

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The Idea vs. The Execution

When it comes to writing stories, I am never at a loss for an idea. Sure, I can despair when I can’t imagine how to get my characters out of a particular situation, be it a dragon’s cave or a skyscraper of the future, but if you were to wake me up in the middle […]

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The Hitchcock Principle

I hope that everyone has seen at least one movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense. Although to be perfectly honest, he is not the master of suspense, he is a master of storytelling, which is something similar. Suspense is nothing more than good storytelling. It is the action of holding your audience’s […]

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