Hospitality and a Hobo

The worst crime of age is not that it makes people no longer young, but it causes them to idealize when they were younger, with no regard to the actual state of their happiness at the time. To look back on my high school years is painful, because I am deliriously aware of what a […]

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Really Thirsty

I am fascinated by the concept of Wormholes in the timespace continuum, and also by Peach soda. This is perfect fodder for a cartoon. Unfortunately, I cannot buy Peach soda within 300 miles of my hometown. I’ve checked. There have been many times I wish I could do this. -BW    

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Recap of Characters

Having come to the end of the serial stories of Quin and Tannenbaum, I realize that we’ve been on this journey together for nearly a year now. As can be expected in a period of time that long, I imagine there has been some memory leakage as to who the characters are. With that in […]

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Episode Fifty Four: Hiding

It’s me, once again, Peasants! Lately I have been able to get some advance work done on my blog posts, so I am happy to announce that you won’t be seeing any hastily compiled posts that were written minutes before their posting . . . . for a while. 😉 Anyway, I have been getting […]

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Episode Fifty Three: Hostages

I hope that I don’t mislead you into thinking that I lead a busier life than I do, but I am again, out, about, and unprepared. I swear, it’s normally not like this. I spend time at home and stare at my German Shepherd and make faces most of the time. However, today I’m not […]

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