The Hitchcock Principle

I hope that everyone has seen at least one movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense. Although to be perfectly honest, he is not the master of suspense, he is a master of storytelling, which is something similar. Suspense is nothing more than good storytelling. It is the action of holding your audience’s […]

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“Not Quite Coward Enough”

I love a great moment. I am easily buried beneath a rush of emotions when driving into the sunset, when I taste a new meal for the first time, or when the wind dies down far enough to hear the evening cry of a whipperwill. That’s why a good writer can effect me so well. […]

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Underestimate Me, Please

Chess is an unusual game. Supposed as the most thorough test of a person’s mind and logical skills, people play chess with few pieces, fewer actions, and a board. Really, chess tests not whether a person has a logical mind, but only whether a person is trained to play chess. Yes, it requires a logical […]

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Worth the Wait

I suppose that in life, we are given free reign to pick what our fault will be. What I mean by this, is that nobody is perfect. If you didn’t know that already, I’m sorry to have ruined it for you. No one, not even your mother, is nice to everyone all the time. We […]

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I have always said that there’s no point in having principles if you don’t have any. I realize that one liner is constructed to be ridiculous, but it hides an important truth: if we are to go anywhere or do anything, we must have principles. Principles, or morals, or ethics, or whatever you might call […]

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