My 21 Reasons to be Thankful

This is a post about the holiday of Thanksgiving. Yes, I realize that in hindsight, I should have made this post at least a week earlier than now, but as every year, the holidays have caught me by surprise. This, actually, should not be unexpected. Thanksgiving is a sneaky holiday. You can never be exactly […]

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Life is Not Meaningless

Life is not meaningless. CS Lewis once wrote a thought provoking short story about a man who had been blind all his life, until he receives a miraculous surgery which gives him his sight for the first time. However -although the man can see- he has no conception of what light is. The story fascinates […]

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A Good Invasion

Life is rough. When viewed objectively, it is a collection of unfunny events and circumstances routinely mixed together in a blender, causing the infinite combination of events and circumstances that happen to us every day. You wake up every morning to a squawking alarm clock, rush to an okay job to hang out with people […]

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Money is No Object

“Son, believe me when I tell you: if money will solve your problems, then you don’t have problems.” That is something my Dad (smart as a whip and almost as tall) told me a long time ago, when I thought money was only good for buying ice cream. (Now I know it will buy peach […]

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Guest Blog: Rabbits and Foxes

Hello peoples! Today I thought I should introduce you to the genius writing of my good friend “Mark”. He is a really good sport, allowing me to base unflattering characters on his appearance, and serving as the inspiration for both Tannenbaum and the other guy in my cartoons. Yes, he’s the negative dark haired fellow. […]

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