I Can’t Touch It

In my top drawer, tucked between my friction proof underwear and a sea of black socks is a wad of bills the size of my fist. They’re all singles. The net worth of the entire roll is probably less than twenty bucks. I love $1 bills. My family thinks I’m a freak., I intentionally break […]

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Tell Me A Story

Words are shot at us like bullets all day long. “Good morning.” “Glad to see you.” “Where’s that spreadsheet?” “Would you like coffee?” Some things that we are told are nothing but a crock. Lies, is another word. “The check is in the mail.” “I love your hair.” “I think you’ve you lost weight.” But […]

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I have always said that there’s no point in having principles if you don’t have any. I realize that one liner is constructed to be ridiculous, but it hides an important truth: if we are to go anywhere or do anything, we must have principles. Principles, or morals, or ethics, or whatever you might call […]

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Why I Love Writing

Writing is one of the best things that can ever happen to you. You may get married, have kids, make lots of money, drive a nice car, and all the other external trappings of superficial success, but these events are nearly worthless until you tell someone about it. Communication is the hallmark of the social […]

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