A Good Invasion

Life is rough. When viewed objectively, it is a collection of unfunny events and circumstances routinely mixed together in a blender, causing the infinite combination of events and circumstances that happen to us every day. You wake up every morning to a squawking alarm clock, rush to an okay job to hang out with people […]

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Humor Needs No Additive

Last week I tried to explain that when writing suspense, it is important to periodically “leaven” your story with elements of humor. Otherwise, the reader may become overwhelmed and begin to look at your story with humorous eyes. However, if you prepare your humor in advance, you can circumvent this entire scenario. As the Bible […]

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Still Thirsty

Thanks again folks for enduring through my silly cartoons. I really enjoy making them for you, although I suppose I would make them whether you came to read them or not. If you desire more ridiculous graphic installments of silliness, come again on Saturday. If the written word is more of your forte, I’ll be […]

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Recap of Characters

Having come to the end of the serial stories of Quin and Tannenbaum, I realize that we’ve been on this journey together for nearly a year now. As can be expected in a period of time that long, I imagine there has been some memory leakage as to who the characters are. With that in […]

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Episode Fifty Four: Hiding

It’s me, once again, Peasants! Lately I have been able to get some advance work done on my blog posts, so I am happy to announce that you won’t be seeing any hastily compiled posts that were written minutes before their posting . . . . for a while. 😉 Anyway, I have been getting […]

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