Do You Know What Day It Is?

What day is it? It’s a simple enough question at first glance, but the second you actually look into the history of it, you realize just how hard the answer can really be. The present dates on our calendar were carefully calculated by studious monks in quiet monasteries, all through the Dark Ages and up […]

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Traveling by Road

America prides itself in being a nation of individuals. Individual people, individual ideals, and individual rights. One of the concepts that primarily American to my understanding, is the idea of a roadtrip. We Americans probably love cars more than any other nation, and more than that, we love our cars, which is an entirely different […]

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Tell Me A Story

Words are shot at us like bullets all day long. “Good morning.” “Glad to see you.” “Where’s that spreadsheet?” “Would you like coffee?” Some things that we are told are nothing but a crock. Lies, is another word. “The check is in the mail.” “I love your hair.” “I think you’ve you lost weight.” But […]

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