The Idea vs. The Execution

When it comes to writing stories, I am never at a loss for an idea. Sure, I can despair when I can’t imagine how to get my characters out of a particular situation, be it a dragon’s cave or a skyscraper of the future, but if you were to wake me up in the middle […]

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I am not responsible for any of my decisions made while in a bookstore. -BW  

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Suspense and Storytelling

Suspense is like a gold nugget: unmistakable, identifiable, and nigh impossible to find or create. Recently I have written on the mechanical manipulations that make a good horror or terror story enjoyable to read. Stories employing terror create fear by assembling a set of circumstances that promote anticipation. I feel that my previous description of […]

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Am I Terrified or Horrified?

When my first zit pushed its way up out of my face, I was horrified at its putrid repulsiveness. After that, I was terrified that it would happen again. This is an important distinction when writing a story: especially a thriller that takes you to the boundaries of reason and disbelief. Or if you’re just […]

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I Want to Scare Myself

My friend and I were walking and talking the other day, of things mostly inconsequential (world peace, geopolitics, and the price of tea in China) when suddenly the sun went down, abandoning us in the dark in the middle of nowhere with no way to get home except by walking through the chilly air and […]

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I Can’t Touch It

In my top drawer, tucked between my friction proof underwear and a sea of black socks is a wad of bills the size of my fist. They’re all singles. The net worth of the entire roll is probably less than twenty bucks. I love $1 bills. My family thinks I’m a freak., I intentionally break […]

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How to Care for a Bookstore

All the bookstores I’ve loved are gone. I live in a small town surrounded by small towns. The businesses that survive are stores that sell what you need to survive as an animal organism. Bookstores don’t last long. Garage sales and secondhand stores are the only way to locally buy books. Thank heaven for the […]

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Chesterton and Oblivion

Someone once said that all writing is an attempt to achieve immortality. The authenticity of this statement is up for debate. However, if it is true, then there are a hundred thousand sad tales of authors hoping to gain entrance to the pearly gates only to be denied. Writers are born every year and have […]

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