The 5 Things Every Writer Needs

1: A Favorite Mug

I’ve touched on this before, but it’s hard to feel like a writer without some form of hot beverage, be it tea, coffee, or nuked Mountain Dew. So much of being a writer, or of feeling like a writer for the fun of it, is based on the things that make you think of writers or writing. This can be anything at all, from sweaters, The usual go-to of this category is a simple cup of coffee.

Writing is a mental endeavor that requires straight energy from the brain. Thus, caffeine and sugar can be an lagging writer’s best friend.

Why don’t you go through your cupboard and designate one of your mugs as your Writer Mug?

2: Writing Materials

Technically, this is all you need. A writer is anyone who has written today. The tools do not make the writer. A writer with a spiral bound notebook and a dulled pencil may better than a writer with a laptop designated specifically for writing alone. But these tools, whatever they are, define a writer and his pursuit. You can lack everything on this list (except for one, you’ll see later) and still be a writer. But a writer without writing materials, by definition can’t write.

So, you might want to get yourself at least a notebook.

3: An Obscene Amount of Books

This is less a prerequisite to be a writer than it is a sign of someone who enjoys books enough to write one. If you try to write without books, I fear you will hit a sharp learning curve. It’s true, practically all the information complied by the human race since its conception is saved on the internet.

It’s a shame the internet is inferior to books. We all believe this, right? If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be trying to write a book, now would we?

Books are perfect for research, for context, for developing a writing style or flavor, etc. The list goes on.

Collect books. It’s not hoarding if it’s books. Regardless of what Marie Kondo says.

4: (Fill in the Blank Here)

This field is up to you. What do you want or need in your writer’s kit? I can’t do my work unless I have a thesaurus within reach. Some writers can’t compose a sentence without a bowl of candy nearby.

You might not think so, but it’s a wild fun ride to write to the same mixtape on loop.

Although it’s not essential, it’s a great deal of fun to have a specific item that makes writing fun or easier for you and for you alone.

Find something that you like. It can be a figurine, a favorite snack, or even a nice view through a window. Keep this near you in the area you designate for writing. It’ll make your writing better and more fun, I promise.

5: Determination

This is the definitive item. Although the writing implements are the tools of your writing, even they are useless without determination. A writer writes, yes, but more than anything, a writer is someone who falls down a hundred times only to rise back up again.

If you lack determination to keep writing despite roadblocks of time, ease, comfort, or even talent and ability, then there’s no reason to even buy a pencil sharpener for your writing.

Cultivate a life and mindset of determination. You’ll need it.

Write when you don’t feel like writing at all.

Write when you feel you’re not doing so well.

Write when the going gets rough. And never stop.

Even if you do decide to abandon writing as a hobby, profession, or whatever you use it for, keep your determination. It will serve you well.

In this world in which we live, determination and persistence are the only qualities that guarantee success. -BW


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