This is the kind of person i am.

I like to read books that are important or smart, but I don’t read a lot of them.

One once in a while.

Then I think I’m smart, or at least smarter than the average suck.

(Considering I don’t eat bread given to me by strangers in the park, I think I’m doing well so far.)

But then I take the knowledge that I’ve barely acquired, and then I tend to bash people over the head with it. “Oh, I know this because I read this book. Haven’t you read It? No? Well that’s okay. You can live a normal life even if you haven’t. I’m sure you can find a job as a chimney sweep or something. It’s just that I like to further myself by reading and stuff. Because I’m intelligent. Can’t you tell? I read a book once. That makes me an expert.”

Here’s the thing about flaws. They’re not a good thing. That’s why they call them flaws.

They are imperfections. But you know what’s funny about imperfections? Everyone has them. Nobody is perfect. Imperfections are variations from the regular form of something that is perfect. So calculating personality flaws is tricky, when you’re classifying deviations from perfection which is something that will always remain unseen.

Everyone has imperfections. Nobody likes them. I don’t like the things that make other people unpleasant or unkind, and I sure as heck don’t like the things that I have that make me unpleasant, or unkind, or less than what I want to be.

Here’s the thing: we will always have imperfections. There’s nothing we can do about that. But there is something that we can do: we can be aware of this. When we realize that we have problems, this reduces the severity of our imperfections. People do not mind an imperfect person, but they may despise one with no self awareness.

Who doesn’t cringe at the sight of an unaware bigot?

Who doesn’t wince at the sound of a complainer?

Who doesn’t wish that they could forget about that one person they know? You know who i mean.

In our moments of clarity, we might even feel this way about ourselves.

Pride is a terrible vice, but it has this one perk. It means that you’re always willing to give yourself another chance.

Try it again.

Remember that none of us are perfect, and by doing so, we might bring us closer to perfection.

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