Do You Know What Day It Is?

What day is it?

It’s a simple enough question at first glance, but the second you actually look into the history of it, you realize just how hard the answer can really be.

The present dates on our calendar were carefully calculated by studious monks in quiet monasteries, all through the Dark Ages and up into our present era of sophistication. The task was simple enough, but as is the recurring theme of our species, mistakes were made.

For instance, in the 17th century, the calendar was changed from one orientation to another, losing almost an entire year in the process.

There are even some scholars who argue that there may be as many as hundreds of years missing in our history, and that many events and historical figures (including Charlemagne) are works of fiction.

(Fun fact: if he’s real, Charlemagne is my distant relative.)

Reconciling ancient calendars with our present one are always something of a nightmare. Old calendars rarely agree with each other, and categorize things differently.

The doomsday predicted by the Aztec calendar back in 2012 is such an example.

These errors probably couldn’t happen today in our present age, but they were more or less common during the Middle Ages and approximate times.

Such inconsistencies are surprisingly absent from the records of Classical Greece and Rome.

Today, as in the Classical Age, the majority of our populations are educated and literate, whereas in the Medieval Era few people could even spell their name. So much knowledge was lost in the time between the Classical Era and our Modern World that it can be an interesting thought experiment to speculate where our world would be today if Rome had never fallen.

These bits of trivia from History show us that really, there is little to no value that we can derive of dates. How would you feel if suddenly we decided to use a different calendar, and all you were looking forward to were abruptly swept away?

Really, nothing would have changed. Days are the same. Since we are so unsure of history, what is to say that this is the first day of the New Year? It just as well could have been yesterday or last week.

Because of this, there is never a bad time for a new start. All time is relative, and every day is an opportunity to start fresh, begin again, or do the right thing.

Don’t be intimidated by the New Year. After all, it’s just another day.

So don’t be timid, but be boldly rushing into this new year. Take your destiny in your hands, and decide not to take life as it is handed to you, but to give life a piece of your mind.

And whatever you do, don’t forget what day it is.

Thank you so much everyone for reading! I hope that your New Year is filled with Joy, Peace, and Hope. God bless, everyone. -BW

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