Really Thirsty

I am fascinated by the concept of Wormholes in the timespace continuum, and also by Peach soda. This is perfect fodder for a cartoon.






Unfortunately, I cannot buy Peach soda within 300 miles of my hometown. I’ve checked. There have been many times I wish I could do this. -BW




One thought on “Really Thirsty

  1. I swear – how do you remain undiscovered? The few posts I’ve read are hilarious and would have multiple likes and comments.

    Peach soda (ick) – but the CRUSH soda (originally orange) made a strawberry flavor that dyed your tongue a dark pink and was a favorite drink of mine as a kid. So, I would have been frustrated if I couldn’t buy that for miles either.

    Looks like cartoon man needs to “order online?” Just make sure it settles before opening carbonated beverage that might be an explosion waiting to happen upon cracking open can/bottle as it was shaken during delivery.


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