Ah, Cartoon Saturday is here again. This week, I wish to share with you my hatred of haircuts, and my love of wordplay. -BW






Come back next week for more cartoons!


One thought on “Haircuts

  1. I just recently disagreed with my 14 year old. He whines that his hair is too long for sports. (which is still short by other standards) When he goes, it’s short on the sides longer on the top…except he doesn’t want “much” taken off the sides. Because hair cuts have gotten ridiculously expensive…and because his hair grows so fast…and he belly aches over any length…

    I made him get the bottom area completely shaved. No hair. “I don’t like it with no hair on the bottom, it feels weird” Well, it will only be that way for a week. Then the week after, it will be perfect length…and that will give us a few months of growing out before next visit. If he had it his way, we’d be going every 2-3 weeks! Just snipping a hair or two.


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