Episode Fifty Five: Quin Has a Plan?

Hello again, peasants! I am so excited to be here with you to share in yet another installment of the tale of Quin and Tannenbaum. The story will soon come to a close, and from there on, I am not entirely sure where the creative road will take me.

I will continue to write here every Tuesday and Saturday, but I am not entirely sure what I will do. The continuing serial story format has become constricting for my creative process, so I want to give it a rest of some kind. I might someday come back to the serial format, especially by popular demand, but for a while, I will find other ways to keep you wonderful people entertained.

Thanks so much for reading. Your views mean more to me than I can properly express. -BW

Given the furor that the explosion sent the occupants of the gas station into, you can imagine that it also sent the police force into a tizzy as well.

What the crap was that?” Lt. Wilkerson asked.

Tannenbaum quickly thought on his feet.

What could have caused that explosion?” he asked.

Wilkerson grabbed at his walkie talkie and began to shout orders.

The sight of Wilkerson in action dismayed David Marcus.

What are you doing?”


I’m giving the order to bust in.” Wilkerson said.

Don’t do that. There are hostages inside and a man with a gun. People could get seriously hurt or even killed.” Marcus reasoned.

Don’t try to push me around again, Marcus. We have to make a move. The explosion inside is obviously a diversion.”

Tannenbaum shook his head.

I don’t think so.” he said.

By now the smoke had cleared, showing that Quin had joined the cashier girl, Amy Lane, aka: Depressing Poetry Girl, in the bulletproof enclosure, and the gunman had the other hostage in a pistol assisted headlock.

Boy, this doesn’t look good.” Marcus said.

I have to send in the troopers.” Wilkerson said with sweat on his upper lip.

What? No!” Marcus said in dismay. “It’s too dangerous.”

The SWAT team will be fine.”

It’s not the SWAT team that I’m worried for, Wilkerson. What about the hostages inside?”

This is our best chance to rescue them.” Wilkerson said.

This situation has to be handled with wisdom and tact.” Tannenbaum said, finally involving himself in the conversation. “It’s very delicate.”

Delicate, my posterior region!” Wilkerson screamed. “We have to give a show of force!”

Lives are at stake, Wilkerson.” Marcus said.

Listen,” Tannenbaum said, massaging his face with his hands, “I’d bet a million dollars cash that Quin caused that explosion. I’ll bet two million dollars cash that he’ll make something good come out of it. It may not be clean and polished like we’d like, and it might not even be pleasant when it happens, but I’ll still bet that it will happen. Remember what Quin has been like through this entire situation? He’s been in complete and amused control the entire time. Look at him right now.”

Through binoculars, they could see Quin and Amy Lane eating potato chips inside the cashier box.

Quin has a plan. I’d stake my reputation on it.” Tannenbaum said.

Marcus shook his head.

You must know this Quin kid really well.” he said.

It was Tannenbaum’s turn to shake his head.

No, I don’t know him at all.”

Inside the gas station, the gunman, with his gun at his headlocked hostage’s noggin, made it clear to the two people behind bulletproof glass that unless they gave him all the money inside the cash box within the next 5 minutes, he would kill his hostage in cold blood.

Would you like more chips?” Quin asked, passing the bag of chips to the Depressing Poetry Girl. “Man, I wish I would have brought dip.”


Thanks for reading! Come again soon!

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