Episode Fifty Three: Hostages

I hope that I don’t mislead you into thinking that I lead a busier life than I do, but I am again, out, about, and unprepared.

I swear, it’s normally not like this. I spend time at home and stare at my German Shepherd and make faces most of the time. However, today I’m not in the comfort of my home library.

Thankfully, I had the foresight to bring my laptop with me, so there will be a story update, but the cartoons are a bit improvised. I’m rather proud of myself, actually. I drew today’s cartoons at a restaurant on a straw wrapper while waiting for the waitress to bring my order. As a result, they’re smaller and grainier than normal, which I think adds to their charm.

As always, thanks so much for reading. You fill an important part of my life that I’m glad to have. God bless you all. -BW

The gunman dragged Quin and himself back into the Sinclair station and locked the door behind him. He pointed his pistol right at Quin’s face.

What’s the big idea?” the man shouted. “When you’re the bait in a hostage situation, you’re not supposed to eat chips and wave at people! How are people going to take this seriously when you act like you don’t?”

Quin smiled and shrugged.

I don’t take it seriously. But I do take my mealtimes very seriously. They’re practically a religion to me. When I’m hungry, I eat. It’s like a law of the universe.”

Don’t eat when you’re a hostage!” the gunman shouted.

Listen to him!” the other hostage said. He was the man who had tried to call the police on his phone. That was before the robber had taken all their cell phones and put them in his pocket. Really there were three hostages: the man who took it seriously, Quin, who didn’t take it seriously at all, and the cashier, who was reading her book inside her bulletproof cashier’s enclosure. She had even closed the little slot that people were supposed to hand money through. For the duration of the hostage situation, she had sat inside her glass box with crossed arms and looked bored.

Quin sneered.

I don’t think I have to listen to him.” he said.

The other hostage had curled into a fetal ball on the floor. He raised his head and showed his panicked face to Quin,

I’ve never been in a hostage situation before!”

Quin pushed his words aside with a flip of his hand.

I have. They’re no big deal. Nothing to them. In fact, they give you a great excuse to eat and drink as many snack as you can get a hold of. The gas station usually doesn’t charge you for them.”

Quin grabbed a bag of chips off of a rack and popped them open.


See?” he said with his mouth full. “Besides, I think I’m the only one around here who has seen at least one hostage situation besides this one. What do you say, friendly neighborhood gunman?”

I think you should sit down and shut up.” he said, waving his gun around for emphasis.

A lot of people tell me that.” Quin remarked.

I’m gonna take this place for as much as I can get.” The gunman said. He pointed his pistol in the cashier girl’s face. “For the last time, give me the money.”

The girl at the register rolled her eyes.

For the last time, no. You’re interrupting my book.”

You have to take me seriously.” The gunman said.

Not when I’m behind bulletproof glass, I don’t.” she said. She went back to her book.


During this interval, no one noticed Quin, which was not perhaps the safest thing to do. Quin is a bit like a toddler. You should watch him closely every second, because you can never be sure what he’s going to come up with.

The gas station in question where the robber and his hostage guests were sequestered was more of a convenience store. Along the far wall was a counter holding a soda fountain, a coffee pot, and a microwave. Quin smiled, took an iPhone out of his pocket, and put it in the microwave oven. He set the cook timer for 3 minutes.

You would be surprised how easy it is to pick a person’s pocket when they have an arm around you and a gun to your head and arguing with the police. Usually they’re so preoccupied that you can get away with anything.

I assume there were things that happened in the moments it took for the phone to explode into a raging fireball, but none of them mattered to Quin. He just spent the time giggling.

Thanks for reading! You guys are the best! -BW


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