Episode Fifty Two: Harmless As A . . .

Greetings vile peasants! Lol, okay, I have always wanted to call people I love and respect vile peasants. So now I can wipe that off my bucket list. I’m so happy.

Don’t be afraid, peoples, I am busily writing a new project. I have no idea when it will be done, but I promise it will be fun and beautiful. Stick around so you can see it.

Until then, here’s one of my better chapters in the Quin and Tannenbaum saga. Enjoy.

Thanks so much for reading. -BW

As Marcus put the car into park, the man with the gun retreated back into the convenience store, dragging Quin with him.

Marcus led Tannenbaum to a man wearing a bulletproof vest over his bulging potbelly.

Tannnebaum, this is Lieutenant Wilkerson. He’s in charge of today’s little snag of public safety.

The clock hardly registered noon, but it looked as if Wilkerson had already had a hard day. He frowned, squinted, and wiped away the sweat that demolished his sandy hairstyle, which may have been a toupee crafted from the remains of a dead cat.

Marcus? What are you doing here? This is my assignment. You have no right to be butting in on one of my cases . . . again.” Wilkerson said, frowning and squinting.

This isn’t like that.” Marcus insisted. He introduced Tannenbaum. “This is my friend, Dr. Tannenbaum, MD. He has a personal interest in this hostage situation. One of the people trapped inside is a close friend of his.”

Actually, he’s a thorn in my side.” Tannenbaum said. “But I feel responsible for him somehow.”

Wilkerson frowned and squinted.

This doesn’t make any sense at all.”

It doesn’t, does it, Lieutenant? Has the gunman made any demands?” Tannenbaum asked.

Hey, get away from there.” Wilkerson shouted, pushing the doctor away from a computer screen. “We’re doing everything we can. There is nothing you can do for your friend, so you might as well go home and watch the progress from there.”

Who are the people inside?” Marcus asked, distracting the police officer long enough for Tannenbaum to get a good look at the computer screen.


Just a few stumblebums.” Wilkerson said. “The perp is a small time moron named Chip Parker. He can’t think of anything better to do than to holding up convenience stores. I think this whole hostage situation is an accident, like a robbery that went sour. I think he wants to get out just as much as everybody else inside.

There’s Amy Lane, the gas station attendant, another guy named Travis Dullard (he has quite the packet of traffic tickets under his belt), and the last guy who we’ve been unable to identify. We think he’s some kind of mental case. He keeps smiling and trying to make friends with people, even the holdup man.”

His name is Quin.” Tannenbaum told the detective. “And I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the tamest thing he’s gotten himself into today.”

Wilkerson sneered at the two men speaking to him.

What are you talking about?” he said. “That kid is as harmless as a kitten.”

That kid, is as harmless as an active nuclear warhead wearing tennis shoes.” Tannenbaum corrected. “You have no idea what he’s like. He the most dangerous variable in this situation. I’ve tried computing his actions with advanced algebra. It can’t be done. I fear for the safety of the people trapped inside with Quin.”


Before Wilkerson could bark out a scornful laugh, a raging fireball exploded inside the convenience store.

Thanks for reading! Come again on Tuesday!

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