Episode Forty Nine: A Rude Interruption

Hello, Folks! This is a great time of the year, and I am so excited about the many things I have in store for you people. Beginning next week, I will be sharing excerpts from my book, leading up to the book’s release next Saturday, a mere seven days from now! In the meantime, here’s a video:

Thanks for reading! -BW

I would consider a stickup to be a rather rude interruption right now.” Quin said.

That’s very nice.” the man said. “But irregardless, this is still a stickup. Give me your money.”

Do really think the effort is worth it for five dollars?”

Give it to me!”

Can’t I pay for my soda first?” Quin said before the man rudely ripped the five spot out of Quin’s hand.

I want you to know that I’ll be wanting that back.”

The man ignored Quin’s complaint and trained his gun at Depressing Poetry Girl sitting at the cash register.

Give me all your money.” he said.

Are you serious?” she said incredulously, gesturing to the of enclosure glass she sat inside.

The man grabbed Quin up in a jerk and put the barrel of his pistol into Quin’s ear.

Give me all the money that’s in the register, or I’ll shoot your boyfriend here.”

Without a thought, Quin raised a finger into the air and sought to correct the robber.


I’ll feel the need to illuminate you to a few facts: Depressing Poetry Girl and I don’t have a formally declared relationship. It’s not Facebook official or anything. With that said, I want it to be known that I am not adverse to such an agreement. Although we may not have a lot in common, I believe that DPG and I could get along rather well.”

Depressing Poetry Girl’s face grew even more pale if possible.

You’re a fool.” she said.

Quin shrugged. “A woman of perception. Very nice. I like that.” he said. “Will you go out with me tonight?”

The man scowled and shoved the gun deeper into Quin’s aural cavity.

You two lovebirds can iron out the details later. For now, this nerd’s life depends on how quickly you can shell out the money through that little hole in the glass.” he said.

Actually, it depends on how soon the cops can get here.” Depressing Poetry Girl said. She nodded her head in the direction behind the man with the gun. He turned around, bringing Quin with him.

The angry man who had yelled at the Depressing Poetry Girl earlier now huddled behind a chip stand, his cellphone pressed tightly into his ear.

The man maintained his rigid grip on Quin and rushed the man with the phone, but not before he could his into his phone:

Siricallthepolicetellthemthatthere’sarobbery!!!” before the robber could smack the phone out of his hands.



That call had better not have gone through!” he shouted.

Quin rolled his eyes.

It’s too late. You had better leave.” he said. “The police are deceptively efficient. Look.” he nodded towards the gas pumps. A police cruiser was already pulling in.

Thanks for reading! Come back soon! -BW

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