Forty Eight: A Little Bit More Excitement

Welcome Peasants! Things are finally rolling into motion for the book release this month! I am so stinking excited. I’m glad that my video from Saturday turned out well, and has received good attention. Thank you so much for the kind comments and encouragement.

I finally have a date set for the final release of the book: Dec. 16!!!

I have been hard at work at creating the cover for my book, which may be one of the hardest creative tasks I’ve ever had for myself. I’ve been doing a lot of painting, trying to make a pleasing work of art. I feel that I should show you some of my progress:


I call it “Strange Dabbling While Trying to Figure Out What to Paint No. 5.” 

Oh, one final announcement: Next week, to build excitement for my book release, the blog installments will not be of the continuing story of Quin and Tannenbaum, but will be a series of excerpts from my book! It’ll be a lot of fun, folks! Thanks for reading!


The girl popped her head above the book like a prairie dog. With eyes of recognition, she saw Quin.

What are you doing here?” she asked.

Buying a Peach Fanta.” Quin answered. “I’m glad to find it. Peach is the best flavor, and it’s so hard to find.”

The last time I saw you,” the girl behind the book of poetry said, “you were annoying a perfectly normal family somewhere out East.”

Quin smiled proudly.

Yes, yes I was. My name is Quin, by the way.”

Yeah, I know.” she said, unimpressed. “They talked a lot about you. Even after you left in that hailstorm.”

It’s nice that they remembered me.” Quin said.

They had to tow their van away somewhere. It was no good anymore. They swore revenge of some kind. All of them, even the kids, took an oath to hunt you down.”

Quin shrugged.

Maybe we could exchange Christmas cards or something. What’s your name?”


Why do you want to know my name?”

I suppose that it’s quite a nice name. What is it?”

As if I would tell you. You’re a weird guy. You might be cursed or something.”

I’m going to call you Depressing Poetry Girl. Does that offend you?”

Yes, it offends me very much.”

Okay, but I don’t care.” Quin said to Depressing Poetry Girl. “What are you doing in San Francisco? Weren’t you happy at the gas station where I saw you last time?”

At the mention of the word happy, Depressing Poetry Girl looked at Quin as if he had said a dirty word. Or, in her case, as if he had said good morning.

Oh, I’m sorry.” Quin said. “I meant to ask if your existence there was banal and lacking in stimulation.”

You’re asking if I didn’t like it there?” Depressing Poetry Girl said.

In so many words, yes.”

A man standing behind Quin in line jabbed him in the back.

Hey, Buddy.” the man said. “Move along.”

Excuse me.” said Quin with irritation. “I am ahead of you in line. Wait patiently for your turn. I am having a friendly conversation with my friend here.”

Having a what with your what?” Depressing Poetry Girl exclaimed.

Don’t waste her time, Bucko. She has a job to do.” the man said angrily.

I would advise you take a deep breath.” advised Quin. “After all, extreme emotion can be a negative influence on your blood pressure. Have you tried meditating?”


Yeah.” the man said. “I have a mantra.” he pulled a pistol out of his pocket. “It’s: ‘This is a stickup.’”


Yikes! What will happen next? =O -BW

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