Episode Forty Six:

Hello Friends, and once again welcome to the Holiday season! This is a great time of the year, although a little hectic, precisely because it’s the greatest time of the year. As you might imagine, I’m already running ragged, in between the usual frolic of the season, writing for the blog, making videos, drawing cartoons, and taking care of all the details for my upcoming book release! However, in spite of my many distractions, I will do my utmost to give quality stories, cartoons, and updates to you in the weeks to come. Stay tuned for more updates. Thanks so much for reading! -BW

Quin had gotten bored.

That is not a good thing.

In fact, one may even call it a bad thing.

This is why:

Quin is a very creative person. If he is bored, he will find something to do to amuse himself.

And that could be deadly.

Take this example for instance:

After lounging around the house for a reasonable amount of time, Quin moved on to playing solitaire on the computer in Tannenbaum’s office. It didn’t look like an office to Quin. All he could see was a table, a couch, and a lot of boring looking papers and folders laying around. Some books too. The room could be on display in a museum to boringness.

Quin had no qualms about playing around on Tannenbaum’s computer, because Quin has very few scruples about personal property. If Tannenbaum didn’t want him to mess around on his computer, he should have set a password.

As solitaire will do, it got dull very quickly after a couple of hours.


Seeing as how the time of the day was stretching onward towards lunch, Quin thought it would be a good time to indulge in a nice, cool, refreshing soda. He checked to see what liquids Tannenbaum had in the fridge.

Tannenbaum had no soda pop in the fridge. Was the man even human?

Unpreturbed, Quin loaded a paperback into his bag and set forth on a great adventure into the great city of San Francisco. It was less of an adventure, and more of a soda run, but such small details do not displace Quin’s enthusiasm. He walked into the city with his head held high, a smile on his face, and hope in his heart.

A passing driver immediately cussed at him.

And the same to you, good sir!” Quin called after the man.

Still not discouraged, Quin kept walking.

As if it knew the young man watched it from a distance with an appraising eye, San Francisco put on its best face for Quin. The city spread out like a blanket, gently covering the landscape from the vantage point of the hill whereon lay Tannenbaum’s house. Quin did his utmost best to get out and get to know the town a little better.

This is the only way to get to a know a city. You cannot find the heart of a town by reading the brochures from the chamber of commerce, or by listening to what your neighbors tell you, or by looking up reviews on the internet. There is only one accurate way to discover a town for the first time that I know of, and that’s to walk out into the town and introduce yourself. Look under each rock. Check behind every nook and behind every cranny. Stop to talk to old ladies sitting on their front porch, eat at the food stands, and look in the shop windows. In a short time, Quin learned as much about the City by the Golden Gate as someone who has lived there since birth.

Quin’s first thought was that he had never seen so many nose rings before in his life.


Thanks again for reading! -BW


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