Episode Forty Four: A Passing Emergency

Hello, folks! I have an announcement that you probably have already seen coming.

I want to sell you a book.

You see, I have written a book, and for months now I’ve been tweaking it, reworking it, and been awash in a sea of self doubt. However, here at the end of the process, I would like to finally release it in the next month, December. This is a huge step for me as a writer, and I hope that you are wiling to come along with me. I have a lot of work to do on it in the next few weeks, so I ask for your understanding patience as I work out the final details. As always, thanks for reading. -BW

Driving a motor vehicle is without the doubt the most dangerous thing a normal person could do in the average lifetime. Car accidents claim more lives than any single illness, boy band, or the atomic bomb, even. Yet, the city of San Francisco drifted by lazily, but with efficiency. No other view could be seen from Tannenbaum’s convertible. Wherever the car went, regardless of weather or terrain, the landscape drifted by lazily and with efficiency. Tannenbaum didn’t really even realize that he was driving. This single act alone, can be used as a gauge for the immense mental capabilities of T. Radcliffe Tannenbaum.


Traversing from the hospital to the police station of San Francisco, Tannenbaum must pass through the general vicinity of his house. As he stopped at a traffic signal, Tannenbaum allowed his drifting mind to settle momentarily on the subject of Quin, like a hummingbird that flits through the air with great purpose and energy. Really, when he came down to it, Tannenbaum had no idea who Quin was. Unlike nearly the whole of mankind, Tannenbaum was unable to place a pin through Quin and place him in a fictitious display case. Whereas he understood the world and the things that interact within it, he didn’t understand Quin. That’s why he kept him close.

Tannenbaum smiled to himself. Although he presently knew little to nothing of Quin, he would soon know all. No subject is insulated so greatly that it can endure the searing light of Tannenbaum’s searching mind.

While at the stoplight, a bevy of emergency vehicles rushed past in a hurried frenzy to reach a catastrophe of some kind. The passing frenzy included, but was not limited to a firetruck, ambulance, and several patrol cars. Even a SWAT truck took up the rear of the parade.

Dispassionately, the man in the Mercedes convertible watched the foray pass, and laughed to himself that the emergency detail could very well be en route to deal with a calamity set in motion by Quin himself. Tannenbaum laughed at the thought and drove onwards when the light turned to green.

As his car coasted to a stop outside the San Francisco police headquarters, Tannenbaum rolled his shoulders to calm himself. Maybe Nurse Salonika was right. For once, he may be overreacting to a situation. He exited the vehicle and entered the sandstone building.

Inside, Tannenbaum mounted the staircase and pedaled upwards until he came even to the floor where David Marcus kept his office. Tannenbaum knocked once and opened the door without waiting for an answer.

Hello, Marcus.” Tannebaum said.

David Marcus was speaking to bald man with a bald head and a sizable gut that protruded beyond his beltline. Tannenbaum hadn’t heard what they were saying, but it may have been something of importance, due Marcus’s expression of sour annoyance. The bald man left the room, leaving Marcus and Tannenbaum alone in the room.

Hello.” Tannenbaum repeated.

Hi.” Marcus answered. “I wish you wouldn’t come into my office unannounced. This was one of the few and only times when I could talk to Paul without him driveling on about something grossly unimportant. We were actually having a good talk about the Sarandon case. Do you have any idea how much effort it’s going to take me to get Paul back on task?”


Marcus took a breath and reassessed Tannenbaum’s body language.

What’s up?” the police detective asked. “Are you here to collect another payment on the favor I owe you?”

Tannenbaum grinned grimly.

I wanted to stop by and tell you that the next time to you do me a favor and show me where to find a man in jail named Lennard, please go to extra effort to ensure that the man is in all actuality really the man Lennard.”

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more updates in the upcoming weeks! -BW


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