Episode Forty Four: No Escape

Hello Friends! I’m so glad that you’re back again. This blog is such a good thing for me, and I hope you enjoy it too. It’s a great gift and honor for me to create something fit for the enjoyment of another person. If you’re reading this, I am so thankful for you. Thanks for reading -BW

That is shocking. You really should do something about that. All houseguests mutate into either family, friends, or mortal enemies. They usually start as one of the first two and end up as the latter.” Yola said.

My houseguest is not a member of my family.” Tannenbaum said. “He is not a friend. And . . . I don’t think he’s an enemy.”

He’s not an enemy?”

I don’t think so.”

You don’t think so?”

The doctor frowned as if he were at a loss for words.

Salonika, does life make sense to you?” he asked.

That’s a bit deep. How should I know? Life often doesn’t seem to make sense. I guess the answer would be no.

But, now when you think about it, I suppose it would have to. If life didn’t make any sense at all, I wouldn’t know if it made sense, in the same way that one wouldn’t be able to tell if a room was dark unless one had seen the same room lightened before. I guess life does make sense.”

Tannenbaum grinned wryly.

I would agree with you, but lately I have had to think more carefully on the matter.” he said. To the interest of Nurse Salonika, he continued to speak.

My houseguest’s name is Quin. I don’t know who he is. I don’t know where he’s from. I’m not even certain of his eye color. But of one thing I am sure: he makes no sense, and that bothers me. I will find out what makes him tick if I have to dissect him.”

Wow.” Yola said. “That got really dark there for a second.”

I’m keeping Quin at my house not because I like him, or are fond of him, but because he is uncontrollable. Keeping him close, at my house, is the only way that I know to keep him in any way contained. If I control where to find him, maybe the other aspects of him will be controlled as well.”

Yola shook her head doubtingly.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, least of all to you, but I think you’re overreacting.” she said.

Tannenbaum waved her away with a wave of his hand.

Think whatever you wish, but don’t underestimate me, and certainly, under no condition, underestimate Quin.”

Whatever.” Nurse Salonika said, and left the room.

The desktop computer reached its full bootup sequence and had connected to his home computer. The screen on his desk corresponded to the activity and files of his computer at home. From his office, Tannenbaum was able to do anything that he could have done at home, whether it be text processing, compiling data, or decrypting files. Right now, however, he could see that his home computer was engaged in a game of solitaire.

Quin.” Tannenbaum muttered under his breath. He got up and out, once again escaping from Quin. He would try and visit David Marcus.

Thanks again! Come back soon! I apologize for the lack of drawings this week. I had made some, but they were awful. I’ll try again. *sheepish grin*


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