Feature: Questions and Answers, the Sequel

Hello Internet! It’s me again. Last post was a huge chunk of story, so I thought I would buy myself a little time by putting in another Q&A feature. I get a lot of emails, and can’t answer them all, but I do at least try to read every one of them. Enjoy! -BW

Q: Do you write on a laptop or on a desktop? -Robbie J.

Q: I’ve heard that some writers don’t use computers and only write out their stories on a tablet with an ink pen. What do you do? -stiCKman1245

Q: Where do you write? -Josie M.

A: I have done writing just about everywhere. I’ve done writing in the back of a car, at a friend’s house, and even on a cruise ship! I once even wrote a blog on my phone in a text message! I think I do my best writing in my favorite spot, though: on my laptop, in a lawn chair under a tree in my backyard. This is my chair.20170922_173819[1]

As a bonus, my dog Azusa walked into the camera shot.

Q: Is that your real hair? -Donna L.

Q: Is your hair fake? -POPSTARJANE

Q: My friend says you probably wear a wig. Is this true? -Tyler7



Q: How old are you? -Sean G.

A: As old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth. -Jonathan Swift

Q: I’m getting a little tired of Tannenbaum and Quin. Can’t you write about anything else? -Nolan R.

Q: Could you please write a story about Quin going to a theme park? -Ella P.

Q: Do you have any other stories? -pickaxeswinger345

A: Boy, do I ever. I have science fiction stories, lawyer stories, romances, adventures, and plays that I keep hidden! Most of my ideas are still in my head. I want to write them out when I get the time, but I never seem to get the time. 😦

Q: I tried looking for you in the bookstore, but there was nothing in the shelves under your name. Haven’t you written anything real? -Morty F.

Q: I want to buy a book written by you. Where can I find one? -AllyJ

Q: Have you published any books? -Julia T.

A: Not yet, but that’s an interesting question. I actually have a book written already, but it’s in the editing stage. I hope to release the book on Kindle sometime around this Christmas. I also hope to make a compilation of the Quin and Tannenbaum stories by then too. I’ll keep you posted.

Q: Are you single? -yomamaRLY

A: Heh-heh, well, yeah, but my dog loves me.

Q: Is Quin homeless? -Tommy J.

A: Well, yes and no. You’ll find out in later chapters of the story. Spoilers!

Q: Is Tannenbaum evil? -Fergylishious

A: You’ll find out. Spoilers!

Q: I want Quin to have a girlfriend! -Brenda H.


Q: Why doesn’t Quin have a girlfriend? -buttonorb

A: I think he likes soda pop too much. Maybe he hasn’t met the right girl yet. Maybe he knew the love of his life, but she rejected him and his roaming existence is a mechanism to cope with the loneliness and sorrow. But it’s probably the soda pop thing.

Q: Is Tannenbaum married? -Gerry G.

A: Not that I know of.

Q: Why do you bring in so many new characters? -Hannah I.

A: The nature of the story leads to having multiple temporary characters who stick around for an episode or two, and then fade into the background. After all, Quin and Tannenbaum cover a lot of ground in their travels, and meet a lot of different people. It’s possible that I might bring a few characters back again if you guys like them. Would you like to read a reunion episode featuring Sheriff Cook or maybe the Brownfield family?

Q: When will this story end? -Andrew P.

Q: What happens in the end? Will there be a girl? Does Quin get the girl? Will Tannenbaum and Quin have a cage fighting battle to the death to decide who gets the girl? -Velma89

Q: Are you ever going to finish this story? -Vinnie C.

A: Eventually. When I do finish it though, there will be more stories to write. I absolutely believe that Quin and Tannenbaum will get themselves into more scrapes that will make good reading. When that day comes, maybe I’ll take a poll to see if you guys want more stories of Quin and Tannenbaum, or if you would like to meet some of the other people who live inside my head. There are many.

Q: How long have you been writing? -Jimmie P.

A: Ooh, good question. I have been making up stories to keep myself entertained for my entire life, starting when I was very, very young. I didn’t like sports, and we didn’t have cable or internet, so the only thing I could do to keep off boredom was to make up stories for myself. When I was eight, I realized that maybe I should start writing some of my stories down.

Q: What’s your favorite book? -Yvonne94

A: That’s a tough one. The Bible is obviously a juggernaut of literature, so I love it to death, but if I have to choose my favorite novel, I would say it’s a dead tie between G.K. Chesterton’s book The Man Who was Thursday, and C.S. Lewis’s final book of his Space Trilogy, That Hideous Strength.

Q: What’s your favorite color? -gamerchic749

A: Orange.

Q: What’s your favorite movie? -downtimePLS

A: That’s a close call between The Incredibles, that fantastic tale of identity, love, and family, and What’s Up Doc? Which still makes me laugh like a loon, even though I have seen it a thousand times already.

Q: I want to set a picture of you as my background. Can you post a picture of yourself riding a horse? Please? -crushedcandy

Q: Why don’t you post any pictures of yourself? -Donnie S.

A: Because it’s easy enough to Google images of Camels.


Q: Where can I meet you? -ubercharged

A: I’ll meet you 2,000 years in the future, on the intergalactic port of Cassiopeia. I’ll be the one wearing a blue rose in my lapel.

Q: How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? -Holly H.

A: It really depends on the size of the angels, the size of the pin, and whether or not they are doing the robot.

Q: What’s the square root of 64? -Billy M.

A: The answer is obvious. All math questions can be answered with the number 42.

Q: Why do you call yourself the badhairman? -numberfive5

A: I don’t, I’m themadhairman. It’s one word. My detractors sometimes call me the badhairman, but they’re only making fun of me. Quite cleverly, I might add.

Q: Is Quin an angel? -Frank F.

A: I don’t think that Tannenbaum would say so.

Q: What is the symbolism of your story? -Steve C.

A: isn’t it obvious? Quin represents the nonlinear agenda of antidisciplinarians, while Tannenbaum becomes a simile of fascist planarian endorphins. It’s a geopolitical metaphor. No, not really. I just have a lot of fun in staging stories, so it doesn’t matter so much to me if it makes any sort of metaphorical sense or not. Although, I try to show that Tannenbaum follows a mindset that I believe is more or less wrong and mistaken, while Quin has a mindset that is at least less wrong. This will become apparent later as the story develops further.

Q: Do you like salsa? -Jonah D.

A: Of course I do! I presume you mean the chip dip, and not the dance. I’m really bad at salsa dancing.


Thanks for writing to me, folks. I really appreciate it. Tune in on Tuesday to see the story in full swing again! Take care, and God bless.


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