Announcement: Cartoons!!!


I have an exciting and fun filled announcement for you readers! It’s an announcement that will give you more artistic content, will make it easier to follow the general flow of the story, and will more than double my workload, creating scads of tired and lonely posts by me lamenting the severe lack of sleep that I’ll be getting.

Sounds great, right?

Anyway, this is the announcement: There will now be cartoons to illustrate the ongoing adventures of Quin! =D

I am so excited about this update! It will make the stories more visual, give me a chance to show portions of the story in greater detail and with more depth than I would be able to with simply words, and it gives me a chance to draw cartoons.

I have actually shown interest in drawing and cartooning longer than I have shown interest in writing, and have kept my skills in the background waiting for just the right moment.

That moment is now.

My drawing skills aren’t terrible, as is evident in this humble self portrait:


(For the record, that’s a kilt that I’m wearing. I am not ashamed of my Scottish heritage.)

This is gonna be a great, because it gives me a chance to reveal the faces of my main characters, who have only existed in my mind and in yours.

My cartoons will include many pictures of Quin, the optimistic youth who wanders through my stories:


(This is Quin whenever he thinks about cheese curls, which are a major part of his diet. He derives his power from cheese dust.)

And this blog will also feature many images of the mysterious Tannenbaum:


(Dang. Look at that smile. Is he evil? Is he noble? Is this guy even a doctor?)

The faces and design of these characters is not set in stone yet, so they are open to interpretation and may change through the process, but these will give us a good direction to work with.

Okay, I have one last story to tell before I go:

Cartoons taught me how to read.

I loved to read the funnies in my local newspaper before I could read because I loved the pictures. I was young, who doesn’t love the pictures? The comics were hilarious even without punchlines.

My mother taught me phonics, and told me to go find some words to work out the sounds with. I naturally turned to the comics.

From there, I was able to manage the simple diction of the comic strips, and then -with great exultation, I learned that comic strips actually had jokes in them! I want you to know that this changed my life. From there, I took off and read anything I could get my mitts on.

Long story short, my Mom insists that cartoons taught me how to read.


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