Episode Twenty Five: Quin Says Thanks

Hi, folks! It’s me again, your friendly neighborhood serial story blogger! First, this episode of the story has emotionally been the hardest to write. It goes against the general feel of most of Quin’s stories, but at the same time showing how hard Quin sometimes has it is important. I want Quin to be a symbol of positivity, but at the same time it should be shown that sometimes in life there’s nothing you can do but take the lemons that life gives to you.

Secondly, there will be an important announcement about new content next week! Whoo! So exciting!

Thanks for reading! -BW


Quin walked to the SUV. It was a much older model, one with flat tires and faded paint, at least as far as he could make out in the rainstorm. He opened the door and let himself inside. It was cramped with uncomfortable seats, but it was also dry.

Quin found a small bag of cheese puffs under the drivers seat that had gone stale. He ate them. He also came across a sealed bag of plastic cups. He took a cup out and held it up in the rain until he had enough to swallow.

Having supped, Quin took off his shoes, wrung his clothes as dry as he could manage, and covered himself with a loading blanket he found in the trunk. His eyes closed, he talked to God.

Dear Lord, you are so much better to me than I deserve. I don’t work, I cheat my way into everything I can get, and am a generally annoying person, and yet you still care for me. I am tired and hungry, which are certain signs of health. If I was not tired and hungry after all I’ve been though today, I would be a very sick man indeed. After a day of walking in your glorious creation, you have blessed me with a dry place to sleep. Today I have seen your rains fall upon barren ground to give them life, and a poor soul without joy hiding behind bulletproof glass. Lord, please show me how to bless her life and show her the joy You have been so gracious to share with me.

God, even though I did not ask for it, you have given me something to put in my stomach and a soft dry place to lay my head. I realize that I have done nothing to deserve anything, and yet You bless me with abundance. I am clothed, I am free, and I am happy. Please Lord, let me enjoy Your goodness tomorrow.

One last thing. God, you have said that You give to your beloved sleep. I pray that I am Your beloved. In the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, amen.”

Quin slept.

Until the morning when he woke up to the lady and two police officers knocking on the window.

Well, this is the end of another story arc! Visit me again on Tuesday for a special announcement!

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