Episode Twenty Two: Quin Helps Himself

Hey folks, thanks for coming back again! I want to tell you again just what this means to me, and that I hope you enjoy my story too. Thanks again. -BW


Tannenbaum walked slowly and fearfully to the atrium. It was deserted except for a few medical personnel standing around looking generally anxious and stealing furtive glances the waiting room. Tannenbaum followed their stares and saw Quin, sitting on a stool he had pulled in front of his hated vending machine. The vending machine stood wide open, empty snack bags lay scattered on the floor, and Quin was busily licking cheese dust off of his fingers. The people of the waiting room and the receptionist had long since abandoned their posts.

Tannenbaum came close to Quin and sat down carefully.

Hello, Tannenbaum. Would you like some cheese curls?”

No thank you.”

You don’t know what you’re missing.”

I know exactly what I’m missing: salt and four varieties of monosodium glutamate.”

Quin stuck one of his wet fingers into the air for emphasis.

And happiness. Don’t forget happiness. I’m pretty sure that’s a major component of cheese curls.”

Happiness takes no role in the packaging and development of cheese curls.” Tannenbaum said.

Quin shrugged.

Huh. I guess you learn something new every day.”

Quin,” Tannenbaum said, “why are you following me? What do you want?”

Still perched atop his stool, Quin dug in his pocket.

I had the reason with me just a second ago. Let’s see, did I leave it in Montana? No, I left my shoes in Montana. I made Warren drive me back to get them.”

I’m still waiting.” Tannenbaum reminded.

I know, T. Radcliffe, I know. While you’re waiting, feel free to help yourself to a bag of cheese curls.”

On that subject, how did you open the vending machine?”

It wasn’t easy. Oh, here it is.” Quin handed Tannenbaum the business card with Mr. Baldwin’s number scrawled on the back in blue ink.

That’s why I’m here.” Quin said.

Tannenbaum turned it over.



You traveled across the country to find a man you’ve met only once from the trunk compartment of a taxicab so that you can hand him a man’s phone number?”

Quin nodded.

Yeah, basically. Impressive, isn’t it?”

Tannenbaum disagreed.

No. It’s more like moronic.”

Quin dove his hand deeper into the bag of cheese curls.

Unto each their own, I suppose.” he said.

Tannenbaum put the card in his pocket.

Quin, I am obligated to inform you that unless you leave this hospital in this instant, I will be forced to sic security on you. In which case, you will be thrown in jail.”

That sounds a little harsh. I thought we were friends.”

Make it easy on yourself.” Tannenbaum said. “Leave now.”

Can I take some extra bags of snacks with me?” Quin asked.

Out!” Tanenbaum shouted.

What will happen to Quin next I wonder? Contact me at alsothemadhairman@gmail.com to let me know what you think is next in store for our wandering hero.

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