Episode Seventeen: Tannenbaum Awakens

Friends, if you only knew the excitement that is erupting in my soul! The next upcoming weeks contain fragments of the first stories I ever wrote concerning Quin and Tannenbaum. These fragments predate the blog, and any writing I have made for it. It excites me to share this with you.

The story will gain momentum in the upcoming weeks as Quin and Tannenbaum reunite and get to know each other, and will eventually get more action packed, I promise.

Thanks so much for reading. Please contact me at alsothemadhairman@gmail.com -BW


The taxi came to a complete stop. A man exited the passenger side, thanked the driver, and declined the offer of raisinets. The taxi drove off, leaving the man at the front door of the Greater Miami Hospital of People Famous or Good-Looking and Occasionally but Rarely Both. I’m not kidding. It has that name embossed in foot high silver letters above the main entrance. There were some who accused the Hospital of being overly gaudy and blatant as to its purpose. The Hospital graciously said: ‘So sue us.’

Many people did.

Large gleaming statues of healthy People Famous or Good-Looking and Occasionally Both flanked the entrance, giving the man standing with his bag over his shoulder the impression that the hospital was more of temple to beauty and fame than a place for sick people to become well.

The man was neither good-looking or famous, although a woman once told him that he might pass for handsome if he only learned how to dress. Personally, he saw nothing wrong with rock band shirts and comfortable jeans.

The glass doors automatically slid apart and the man walked in.

Doctor?” the surgeon whispered, gently tapping Tannenbaum on the shoulder. Dr. Tannenbaum started and glanced around him. The doctor was curled under a flimsy blanket, barely straddling the couch in Dr. Levenworth’s corner office. Tannenbaum wiped his eyes and sat up straight. Levenworth stood bent over him, a request on his face.

Yes?” Tannenbaum asked politely. Entire office legends are composed of Dr. Tannenbaum’s extraordinary politeness. His manner and surgical skill are regarded with the same regularity: unfailing. The world could be destroyed by flying saucers, but Dr. Tannenbaum would suture his patient together without breaking his smile.

Is something the matter, Leavenworth?”

Would you like some breakfast, Dr. Tannenbaum?”

Tannenbaum eyed Leavenworth more closely. The older man’s upper lip was sweating and trembling. The good doctor had slept in many places far better than than his friend’s office in Miami, and in places far worse. The range of his professional practice ranged from the African Congo to the French Riviera. To all appearances, Tannenaum’s observational powers were unyielding. The evidences of unease were slight, but they no more could have been hidden from the searing gaze of Dr. Tobias Tannenbaum’s practiced eye than from the throne of God almighty.

Why don’t you just tell me what’s on your mind, Leavenworth, and the both of us can begin our day on a good foot. I could use a peeled orange, and you could use a tranquilizer.”

Leavenworth dropped his eyes and tried to collect his easygoing bedside manner that soothed heads of state and supermodels alike.

Who is this Tannenbaum fellow? Why is he always sleepy? Is he a doctor, or a wild sawbones? Tune in this Tuesday for a new and exciting installment!

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