Episode Fifteen: Quin Sets it Straight

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Quin’s face lit up, and he ran over to shake the cabbie’s hand.

Hey, it’s good to see you! What are you doing here in Dixon?” Quin asked.

I relocated to different cab company and just moved here yesterday. My first job was to drive this Mrs. Brownfield around.”

That’s Mrs. Brownfield?”

Yeah,” the cabbie answered, “she’s this Brownfield fellow’s mother.”

I thought it was Andy Warhol.”

He’s dead.”

He is? I didn’t even know he was sick.”

Mr. Brownfield broke into this happy reunion with his unhappy words.

The fact remains, Quin, that everything is your fault. You put leaded fuel into the van and broke the engine. I have no idea who you are. You’re probably wanted by the police. As far as I’m concerned, the sooner we’re rid of you, the better.”

Does this mean I’m fired?” asked Quin.

I never hired you.” Mr. Brownfield said. He was slightly confused. Quin often has that effect on people.

Quin smiled. Had Mr. Brownfield known Quin better, he would have been very scared indeed.

Mr. Brownfield, when we stopped here at Dixon, you had told me that this was where I get off. Allow me to correct you: I am moving on, whereas you are staying here. In that sense, this is where you get off.

I tried to help you, but you didn’t receive it. You’re just a frustrated little man locked in a claustrophobic bubble where you try to coerce your own family to like you. You don’t know a great family experience when it pours the wrong kind of fuel into your gas tank.”

How was that supposed to help?” Chuck Brownfield asked.

You do realize you’re still on vacation, right?” Quin said. “Think of your family. This is what they’ll remember. Believe me, they would rather look back on spending time with their father while he was frustrated than reading a bunch of rusted historical markers on a Civil war battlefield. Take my word for it, I’ve been to Gettysburg before. Unless you’re a Union soldier, it’s nothing to write home about.

You said you had never been to Gettysburg before.” Mr. Brownfield said.

Shut up, I’m busy setting you straight. It’s very rude to interrupt.

Just think of it, your family will never forget when they were stranded at a gas station in the middle of Colorado while hail pounded cute little dents into the hated minivan. A family vacation to Gettysburg? That doesn’t sound fun. That sounds cheap.”

It’s a memorable vacation, we’ll remember it fondly for years.” Mr. Brownfield said in defense.

You’ll remember how miserable it was.” Quin retorted. “But here, in this seedy little service station, you’ll remember how much fun it was being miserable together as a family. It’s the time spent together in a hard time that really matters in the end.” he continued, catching the hateful glare or Mr. and Mrs. Brownfield.

That was cheesy.” Curtis said.

Tell me about it.” said Quin. “I starred in my own Hallmark television special.”

Mr. Brownfield pressed his tight lips together until they were a solid white.

Quin, I think now would be a good time for me to go.”

I think so too.” Quin said, putting his hood up over his head. “Let me know of you ever need help again, Chuck. Frankly, I’d rather walk in the hail than listen to your mother browbeat you again. Goodbye Brownfield family. I leave you to your own devices.”

With his farewell address delivered, Quin pushed open the door and strode confidently into the hailstorm.

There goes a nut.” Mother Brownfield said. “What could he possibly be talking about? I don’t look a thing like Andy Warhol.”

The cabbie pulled his coat to cover his balding head and made a rush for the door.

Where are you going?” Mr. Brownfield asked.

To catch up with Quin and give him a ride.” the cabbie said.

Where to?”

How should I know? Wherever it is that he’s going.” the cabbie answered, and dashed into the precipitation.

In this small instance, Quin may be the only friend that Curtis and Sandy make that isn’t from the internet, the only one to speak truth to the Brownfield adults, the only kindred spirit the cabbie will meet, and the only person to give a friendly smile to a pessimist.

The world is not a place. It’s a road. The road is so long that you can’t see where it began, and its end is out of sight. All you know is that you’re trying to get there from here. On the way people break down, get discouraged, and need a friend. They fall by the side of the road like trash, with no hope but to be collected, put in a barrel, and burned.

Thank God that Quin is there, to do what he can for the bits and pieces of things he finds by the side of the road.

Whether they like it or not.


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