Episode Thirteen: Enter Mother Brownfield

Hello friends! I hope you enjoy this new installment of Quin’s Story, where we introduce a new character, Mother Brownfield!

-B. W.


Mr. Brownfield’s mother, fearfully known as Mother Brownfield, was tall, thin, and dressed severely in black from head to toe, like a black steel needle, consummated in a black coat that tended to blow in the wind whether there actually was wind or not, adding to her already fearsome appearance. All in all, she looked like what Andy Warhol might have been had he been someone’s grandmother.

Yes, Charles. It is me. Who did you think I was? Didn’t you recognize me?” Mr. Brownfield’s mother said, her voice practically dripping with scorn.

Why are you here?” Mr. Brownfield asked, dumbfounded.

Whenever I hear cries of distress from my grandchildren, you can be sure that I will be there to comfort them. What have you done wrong now, Charles?”

It’s not a crime to run out of gas, mother.” ‘Charles’ Brownfield said.

Suddenly the mechanic joined the party at the rear end of the gas station.

No, but it is a crime to refill your tank with leaded gasoline.”

Charles Brownfield was confused.

What are you talking about?”

Just what I said,” the mechanic answered, “you filled your tank with leaded gasoline. It is literally a crime. Where did you find that stuff? It’s been illegal since 1973.”

Brownfield turned on Quin (who was peaceably drinking his soda) like a tornado.

Where did you get that gasoline?”

I found it.” Quin said.

Where did you find it? In the past?”

The mechanic spoke up.

Regardless of where he found it, the van’s ruined now.” he said.

Mr. Brownfield stuck his finger in Quin’s face.

You’re going to pay for the damages!” he declared.

Quin shook his head.

That doesn’t seem fair. After all, I bought you a cream soda. That’s got to count for something. Why don’t we just call it even?” he asked.

No! We will not call it even!”

Why not?”

Because the cost equivalency is not the same!”

Chuck -I hope you don’t mind me calling you Chuck.”

Yes I do mind!”

Then get over it, because I like calling you Chuck.

As I was saying, Chuck, I had pegged you as a pretty young and hip guy. I now see that I was wrong. Don’t you know that no ones says things like cost equivalency?”

He’s right, Dad.” Sandy said. She had just come around the corner. “Is this where the bathrooms are?”

Sandy, darling!” her grandmother screamed, running to give her a bear hug.

That’s another thing,” Mr. Brownfield said, “what are you doing here, mother?”

Curtis answered quickly:

Sandy put pictures of our minivan in the repair garage on Facebook. We hope it’s going to go viral.”

What’s going to go viral?” Mr. Brownfield’s wife, Eunice Brownfield said. She had just walked over to join the crowd.

What are you doing back here, Eunice?” Mr. Brownfield asked.

I wondered where everyone had gone to.” she said. “Oh, hello, Mother Brownfield. I’m so glad you could be here to see the children. When did you get here?”

And then as if things couldn’t get any more random, it began to hail like Caesar.

Thanks for reading! Check in again on Saturday!

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