Episode Seven: Quin is Finally Let Into the Room, and it Makes Him Very Happy

Thanks to Nic S. for the great inspiration this week!

Andrea fiddled for a moment with her keys and unlocked the door to room 1717.

The room behind the door was anticlimactic. There were no murdered people inside, no large weapon caches, not even a simple bag full of money. It was only a deserted hotel room. The blankets had been hastily spread over the bed. The chair had been pulled out slightly from the desk and the desk light had been left on. Other than these signs and a used hotel toothbrush in the bathroom, there were no obvious traces of habitation.

Tannenbaum stayed here in the room for a week?” Quin asked.

That’s right.” Andrea said.

He must be an awfully clean mongrel.” said Quin. He squared his shoulders and set down his satchel. Quin then looked around the room with a different eye, a more observant glance, as if he were trying to channel the soul of Sherlock Holmes and deduce the whereabouts of T. Radcliffe Tannenbaum from deduction alone.

He came up with nothing.

Here’s something.” Tony said. While Quin was examining the clean ashtray, Tony had looked in the trash can. It was empty except for common household items such as discarded snack wrappers, bottle caps, and a sock with a hole worn in it. However, at the very bottom of the can, beneath the detrius, was a crumpled envelope addressed to Dr. T. R. Tannenbaum, care of the Bristol hotel. The return address was to the G.M.H.P.F.G.L.O.R.B. hospital in Miami, Florida.

Quin snatched the envelope, thanked his two friends, and went out the door accompanied by his messenger bag.

I’ve got to go now. Thanks for all your help. I really couldn’t have done it without you.” he said.

Unless you kicked the door down.” Tony said. “Then you could have done it without us.”

Well, yes. I had considered it.” Quin looked down at his watch. “I’ll be on my way now. I don’t have to be anywhere, really, but I might as well get going anyhow. Miami is a long ways off, after all.”

On a sudden impulse, Tony realized something he hadn’t thought of before. Judging by Quin’s appearance: his concert shirt, his worn shoes, faded jeans, and compulsory messenger bag, he could be a runaway of some kind, living on the streets, getting along in life by the merest graces, by his smile, his charm, his friendliness, and his irresistable hair. Tony decided to offer Quin a few bucks. Maybe it could help feed him for the night.

Hey, Quin?”

Quin turned.


Here, let me give you a few bucks. Spend it on a good meal for tonight. That way you won’t have to steal roast beef sandwiches from room service.”

Quin held up his palm and pushed the bills aside.

Thanks, man, but please, don’t worry about me.” he pushed the elevator button and stepped inside the lift car. “I’m actually disgustingly rich.”

The elevator doors closed over him and the elevator descended to the lobby.

Can I clean the room now?” Andrea asked.

Thanks for reading! Please email me at alsothemadhairman@gmail.com and tell me what should come in next week’s episode.

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