Chapter Six: Quin Finally Gets What He Wants

Thanks to S. O. Eichler of Odell for giving me the idea for this weeks installment. Keep up the good work!

“If you’re not a thief,” Andrea said, “then why do you want to get into this man’s room?”

Quin tried to explain to the two hotel workers, using small words so they would understand.

Andrea the maid, I presume you have the skill of cleaning hotel rooms, correct? And you, afro man from room service . . .”

My name is Tony.” Tony interjected.

Tony. What a nice name. I like it. You should keep it.

Like I was saying, Tony, the man from room service, you have the skill of balancing sandwiches on metal trays, am I correct?” Quin said.

Andrea and Tony gave Quin slow and confused nods.

I also have valuable skills.” Quin said. He pulled a small business card from his pocket inscribed with the name Merle Baldwin, and the subtitle businesssman. “This friend of mine, who gave me this card, because it has his name on it, is called Merle Baldwin. He lives in Chicago, looks like a mole, and needs glasses but won’t admit that he needs them. He ends up squinting to look at everything in life. I’m sure he doesn’t even know what his children look like for sure.

Mr. Baldwin wants to meet this man.” Quin said, pulling a second business card from his pocket. This one read: T. Radcliffe Tannenbaum. Nothing else; that was all.

Now, I have a strange skill, almost as strange as housecleaning or the magical ability to balance platters.” Quin explained. “I find things that can’t be found. I meet people that are inaccessible. I go places so remote that they practically don’t exist.”

Quin brought his two hands slowly together until the business cards touched each other.

My friend Baldwin has asked me to find T. Radcliffe Tannenbaum. That’s what I’m trying to do. Mr. Tannenbaum stayed in this hotel room for the better part of a week. If there is a single solitary scrap of hoodwink in that room telling me where Tannenbaum has gotten himself to, then I want to find it.”

So that’s why you want into this room?” Andrea the maid asked.

Yes.” said Quin desperately.

Andrea looked at Tony and shrugged.

I don’t see what it could hurt to let him in and let him have a look around.” she said.

Quin shoved the business cards back into his pocket and gestured with his sandwich to Andrea the maid.

Finally! A cooperative hotel employee! What a lucky day! I should call Ripley’s.”

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