Episode Five: Quin is Accused of Being an Unsavory Character

Is this even your room?” the man asked.

Quin patted his pockets and handed the man a room key with serendipity.

The man looked at the key.

This doesn’t say room 1717, it says room 171 and has a seven written on the end with a black crayon. This key isn’t even to our motel, it’s to a Motor Inn in Muncie, Indiana.” he said.

So are you going to open the door for me?” Quin asked.


Why not?” Quin pleaded.

Because I’m going to call the management.”

That seems harsh.” observed Quin.

At that moment, the doors to the stairwell opened wide, allowing through a slight woman in a maid’s uniform. She started down the hall towards room 1717 until she saw the two men in what would have seemed to be an argument, if not for the calmness that the second man showed in eating his roast beef sandwich.

Oh, excuse me.” the maid said. “I’ll clean the room after you two have finished arguing.”

We weren’t arguing.” the man from room service said.

Oh.” the maid said. “In that case, I’ll be back when you have finished doing whatever it is that you’re doing.”

Do you have the key to this room?” Quin asked the maid before she could turn to go.

Well, yes.”

Would you mind opening the door for me?” Quin asked.

Are you locked out?” she asked.

Quin nodded. “I’ll say I am.”

Don’t open the door for him, Andrea.” said the room service man. “It isn’t his room. I think he’s a thief.”

What?!” Quin roared in indignation. “Me, a thief? Do I look like the sort of person who desires the niceties of others? Don’t I look independent on my own? Don’t I look perfectly capable of taking care of my own needs?”

The two members of the hotel staff gave Quin a once over, from his concert t-shirt, drooping messenger bag, and to his worn sneakers. He looked like a high school student playing hooky from his classes.

Quin looked at himself.

Although it may not be readily apparent, I am actually quite happy with myself. There is nothing that the man who had this room has or has left behind that I could possibly want. Unless he left behind a bottle of water, or some other kind of pleasing liquid. That sandwich was salty.”

You’re not a thief?” Andrea the maid stated.

Not in the least. Sometimes I’m not so strict about paying for things, but I don’t take things that directly do not belong to me, no.” Quin explained.

So, you’re not a thief?” the man from room service asked.

Quin looked from one to the other.

I don’t mind repeating myself, but this is almost getting funny.”

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